The JDevLibsForAnt extension provides a way to automatically maintain an Ant build file with information about a JDeveloper project.
Included are the source code, demo applications and an installable JDeveloper extension JDevLibsForAnt001-install.zip .

How to install the JDevLibsForAnt JDeveloper extension.

(1) Select "Help" > "Check for Updates..." in JDeveloper.
(2) On the "Check for Updates" wizard panel "Step 1 of 3: Source" select "Install From Local File" and click "Browse..."
(3) Select JDevLibsForAntApps\JDevLibsForAnt\JDevLibsForAnt\deploy\JDevLibsForAnt001-install.zip and click "Open".
(4) Click "Next" in the "Check for Updates" wizard.
(5) On the "Summary" panel, click "Finish".
(6) On the "Confirm Exit" dialog, answer "Do you want to restart now?" with "Yes".
(7) After JDeveloper has restarted, answer "Would you like to migrate from a previous version of JDeveloper?" with "No".

How to use the JDevLibsForAnt JDeveloper extension.

(1) Open the "Project Properties" dialog for a JDeveloper project where you want to enable the JDevLibsForAnt JDeveloper extension.
(2) Select the "JDevLibsForAnt" configuration panel.
(3) Enter an Ant build file name for "Output File Location", e.g. "build-libs.xml".
(4) Also make a change to the "Libraries" configuration panel, add or remove a library.
(5) Click OK in the "Project Properties" dialog.
(6) Refresh the JDeveloper project and find the Ant build file "build-libs.xml" inside the "Resources" node.
(7) Find examples on how you could import and use such an Ant build file in Demo1Build\build.xml and Demo2Build\build.xml .

How to build the JDevLibsForAnt JDeveloper extension.

(1) Make sure you have installed the JDeveloper Extension SDK.
see http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/htdocs/partners/addins/index.html
(2) Open the JDevLibsForAntApps\JDevLibsForAnt\JDevLibsForAnt.jws application in JDeveloper.
(3) Select "Deploy to JAR file" in the JDevLibsForAnt-DP.deploy right-click menu.
(4) Run the "bundle-extension" Ant target in the build.xml Ant build file.

Read this before you run a jspx page in the demo applications:

Because it makes the example zip file significantly smaller, I removed the JSF JAR files.
It is easy to copy them back into the example from JDeveloper if you:
(1) configure your JDeveloper home in "build-setup.properties"
(2) run the "copy-jsf-jar-files" target in the "build-setup.xml" Ant buildfile